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Several schemes of classification are employed. There are three parallel classification schemes dealing with the psychedelics themselves:

  • one system is for chemical class or chemical constituents,
  • there is a general herbal and fungal psychedelics category,
  • and there are the entheogen and entactogen/empathogen categories.

There is overlap between many of them, but none are simply redundant. The herbal & fungal category organizes all the psychedelic plants, while the carrier categories make these browsable by type of psychedelic as well as containing items such as pharmahuasca that are not herbal or fungal. Entheogens is used, as per discussion on the talk page, to denote only psychedelics with a long history of ritual use; excluding chemicals and psychedelics such as LSD that can be used as entheogens.

in addition, people, organizations, and related concepts must be categorized, but no (working) system has yet been devised.

As per general policy, an article in a sub-category is not duplicated in the umbrella category; main articles defining categories such as phenethylamines or entheogens either are or should be placed in the umbrella category as well as their sub-category.

this list, for the most part, is how it is actually set up; many articles may be in improper places, many articles are not yet categorized, and some categories, the empathogens/entactogens category in particular, are not yet filled out. Further discussion and organization of the categories is needed.

serves as the umbrella category.

Parallel categories[edit]

By chemical type/classification[edit]

Herbals and fungals[edit]


Associated concepts/people/organizations etc[edit]

People, organizations, literature, and research[edit]

new categories have been created. I will list the articles some time soon, click on the cat for now.

some random people that perhaps should be in a cat here: